Easy to Install

You don't have to swap-out your wheels, crank, pedals, or bottom bracket, and there's no gluing or water bags either.

1) Attach PowerPod to your handlebars using the included GoPro-style mount; 

2) Pair PowerPod to your ANT+ bike computer and speed sensors; 

3) then ride!  

Can PowerPod really be so easy to setup and use?  See for yourself; check out the PowerPod instruction manual here.

PowerPod wirelessly sends its accurate, both-leg power measurements to your ANT+ bike computer, such as Garmin or Bryton.

Click here to watch an introductory video about PowerPod.

Easy to Use

PowerPod has just one button, and a single LED status light.  When you're ready to ride click the button; PowerPod confirms it's ready by the green status light.  Green means go!

PowerPod includes an internal, rechargeable battery.  You'll get about 20 hours of continuous riding, then recharge PowerPod from any USB charger.

Gold-Standard Performance

Velocomp power measurement technology has been used by some of the top pro-cycling teams in the world.  PowerPod incorporates the same, both-leg measurement sensors and circuitry used in our pro-level Newton+ products.

PowerPod accuracy is on-par with power meters costing 5 times as much, and superior to one-leg power meters.

For more on PowerPod performance, check out the in-depth PowerPod review by DC Rainmaker!