PowerStroke upgrade key

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PowerStroke upgrade key



Most cyclists wobble on their bikes far more than they need to. Excessive wobbling can be a result of improper bike fit, frame size/type, and pedaling style—either singly, or most often, in combination. 

PowerStroke is Velocomp's exclusive measurement suite of front-to-back, side-to-side, and left/right wobble motion of the bicycle, and the analysis of the Wasted Watts, Wasted Motion, and Wasted Time caused by wobbling.

PowerStroke compares your actual wobbling to the smooth motion of top cyclists, showing you if your wobbling is excessive.  By reducing excessive wobbling, you can reduce your wasted motion/watts/time, and become a better, more economical cyclist. 

PowerStroke works by adding new technology both to your PowerPod and to (free) Isaac software for Mac/PC.

With the PowerStroke key installed, your PowerPod records its data at high speed (16 times per second), vs. the typical once per second rate of conventional power meters.

Then, Isaac software analyzes the high-speed data, determining the front-to-back, side-to-side and left/right wobbling motion of the bike each 10 degrees of a pedal stroke. Wobble measurements and associated Wasted Watts, Wasted Motion, and Wasted Time stats are shown in Isaac’s PowerStroke window.

You'll see your actual, on-the-road PowerStroke, allowing you to experiment with changes to your pedal motion, bike position, and more, to improve your riding efficiency. 

Check out this short video, showing PowerStroke data as recorded with a PowerPod:

PowerPod with PowerStroke

If you'd like to read more about how PowerStroke works, click here

Here's how the PowerStroke upgrade works:

1. Purchase your PowerStroke key.

2. You will receive an email from Velocomp, instructing you how to find the serial number stored in your PowerPod.  You will email to Velocomp the serial number of your PowerPod.

3. After receiving your serial number Velocomp will send you another email, with your individual PowerStroke key included as an attachment.  The email will tell you how to use Isaac software to install the key permanently into your PowerPod's memory.

4.  Once the key is installed your PowerPod will record your rides in PowerStroke mode.  

5.  After your bike ride you will use Isaac software to download ride data from your PowerPod, and use the “PowerStroke” feature of Isaac to see your PowerStroke plots. 


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